Protective Surfacing Impact Attenuation:

Field impact attenuation testing of Protective Surfacing performed using a Triax 2015 Portable Surface Impact Tester.

Audit & Inspection Services

  • Physical location within property
  • Comments on access pathways, furniture, fencing, lighting, visual surveillance issues, vandalism, etc. proximity of play site to surrounding landmarks
  • Age appropriateness of play equipment
play equipment

Collection of Protective Surfacing Data including

  • Protective Surfacing area and type with minimum and maximum depths
  • Protective Surfacing surface condition analysis including compaction, hard-pan, contamination, exposed concrete/steel stringers, submerged concrete/steel stringers, adequate drainage
  • Critical fall heights determined and assigned based on configuration of the existing equipment
  • Protective Surfacing containment, including type and condition

Immediate Safety Concerns and Comments/ Recommendation Summaries

Highlighting site findings included with each playground inspection/audit report.

Inspection/Audit and inventory of equipment including manufacturer and age (if known) and documentation of pertinent information and required labeling information.

  • Analysis of play equipment, play surfaces, protective surfacing zones and no-encroachment zones for compliance to CAN/CSA-Z614
  • Documentation of structural safety concerns and of other safety concerns
  • Recommendations for repair, retrofit, removal/replacement of equipment
  • Hazard Notification provided for components deemed unsafe, if required